So 2016 sees me taking part in the RonHill #runeveryday October challenge. The start might be interesting as due to time constraints and a bit of a lack of planning I will have done a long run on the last day of September.

Why am I doing it? Well it’s good to feel part of an extended  community that is also doing it and I have an event irunn November that the extra running will hopefully stand me in good stead for. That, and I feel that my running has reached a plateau and I need to do something to get me passed that. This seems like a good option. No matter how short the distance I need to get a run in each and every day. We’ll see how it goes but I’m usually pretty good at delivering on something that I have committed to. It will be interesting to wear the gps each day and see what a difference there is in my monthly distance. I don’t usually run with music on as I like to hear the nature around me but I might play Iron Maiden The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner from their Somewhere in Time album, “run, on and on….” Here goes nothing 🙂

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