Decisions decisions……

Life in general and running have a fair amount in common, not least decision making. Part of why I run is to get away from decisions and get back some perspective and balance from the many decisions that we have to take on a daily basis, many of which we do without evening realising it.

To achieve this I spend most of my time running on trails as it’s more relaxing and usually involves just following the path in front of you and not having to think about whether to take the next left or cross the road. Some times though even on the best trail run I am faced with a decision as illustrated by the picture.img_28091 On the face of it this looks like a good decision to have to take, but really it isn’t. You would think being able to choose from two such great sections of wooded singletrack would be great wouldn’t you. In some cases and in this one in particular it really wasn’t.

You see this is an area that I don’t get the chance to run in very often even though I really enjoy it. The day I took this picture I was running a ‘new to me’ trail. When I reached the above fork in the trail I actually stopped. Which was the best route to take? Which would take me the best distance on the best surface and if I picked one would I regret not taking the other. Looking at a map wouldn’t have helped as most of the trails in this area aren’t shown on the OS maps anyway. As it was I adopted the ‘if in doubt turn left’ approach and it seemed to work out well but a decision had to be made. Looking at this from a more positive perspective it gives me another reason to go back to the area and see where the right fork goes…..

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