Night running & reading

Long time no post!

Sorry for the long time since my last post. Life has been busy what with Christmas (remember that), a construction project at home and dark nights I haven’t had much time for posting.

I can hear you now, dark nights are perfect for writing blog posts. Well no, they’re not. My daylight hours are either used at work or building work at home so the only time that I can run is after tea usually about 9pm. I love it!

Why, I here you ask? Here’s some short thoughts:

Owls – I’ve never seen so many. We can hear them around our house quite often but rarely do we seem them. Since I started night running I’ve seen quite a few tawny and barn owls.Once barn owl gave me the fright of my life as its white form glided across the front of me.

Deer – we have quite a few roe deer round us but seeing them at night with there eyes glowing green as they reflect the head torch light is quite special.

Head torches – I try and avoid using them and try to rely on my night vision. Moon lit nights are great for this and the recent snow moon was superb.

Hills – you can’t see how long or steep they are. many of my night times are faster than my day time equivalents. I was the same when I used to do night mtbing. Maybe I’m worried that the bogey man will get me.

Night running aside I really need to get my focus in place. I will soon be running a 21k off road ‘race’. 21k for me is a long way. Most of my running has been up to 10k, albeit at a quick (for me) pace. I have a Raidlight vest to try out and new Adidas trail shoes to test and not that long to get this done.

Time to get my finger out but before that, here’s a vaguely relevant picture of a fantastic book that keeps inspiring me 🙂




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