Music or not to music?

Do you run and listen to music? I generally don’t as I try and trail run as much as possible and I like to hear the best of what nature has to offer which where I live is a wide range of bird calls and farm animal sounds.

That said there are times, usually when I’m not feeling the love for the run ahead of me, (doesn’t happen often) that I do like to put on the headphones and concentrate on the tunes rather the lack of motivation. When doing this I quite often find that the tunes help me get in to the run. Do I listen to anything specific? No. I have quite broad music tastes but the focus will generally be on 1990’s /2000’s dance anthems and rock / metal.

Music aside I have been known to talk to myself quite a bit and use the run as thinking time. Apparently the most intelligent people talk to themselves 🙂 Try it, you might appear brighter!

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