My first half, no, not pint

Ok, it was 21km 🙂 So a metric half marathon. Off road. To date I have only entered one running event (10km) and one duathlon (with a 14km run) so 21km was a big step up for me and 30% further than I have run before. It also incorporated 1500m of ascent of ascent.

The day started with me leaving home at 7am and then finding a parking space in the manic parking melee that ensued. Get registered, eat porridge pot, put race number on then walk up the hill to the start. I decided to pace myself around the route and see how I got on. The route was already interesting as it was based in Glentress forest which is a mountain biking mecca in the Scottish Borders. What made it event more interesting was that it had snowed the night before and then melted. So in places rather than running up gravel tracks and across narrow moor routes we were literally running up melt water rivers and across and down bogs. Parts of the route followed the mtb black route and the end of the Glentress 7 route. I know these mtb routes well so I knew what I was in for. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I loved it. Would I do it again? No. Nothing against the event but I always like to try new things. So while I leave you with these pictures and the route map I’m off to look at what other events are out there that I fancy doing. glentress21kmap


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