1km, not much of a run.

Or is it? Having recently undertaken my first off road half marathon with 1500m of ascent I have proved what I always suspected. I much prefer running uphill to running down. Yes, it would appear that I’m a bit of a masochist.

With this in mind and needing a new challenge to focus on I have entered the Salomon Mamores Kilometre race. The sting in the tail is that this is a vertical kilometre. Yes, you rise 1000m over a distance of 5000m. I make that a 20% gradient. Up a big hill. Starting at sea level. Should be a laugh 🙂 The website bills it as “An incredible leg burning and lung-busting ascent from sea level to Munro summit, the UK’s only Vertical Kilometer®!”

For those of you that don’t know a Munro is a mountain with the summit over 3000ft above sea level.

Like any self respecting runner though I look upon entering a new event as an excuse to buy some new kit. In my case a pair of these from Run4It.

Let the training commence.

Salomon Mamores VK Information

Picture from the Skyline Scotland website:

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