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Never underestimate the simple joy of a local run. Continue reading

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Binn Tower & Deuchny Wood

This ran comprised a kind of figure of 8 approach with me starting in the middle where the two loops of the 8 intersect. The first loop was just over a km and took me round Binn Hill and Binn Tower. I did this a few times with some fartlek in there to mix it up a bit. The second loop round Deuchny wood is a mix of gravel type track and cracking woody single track. All in this was around a 10km run with a mix of short sharp climbs and some gentle undulations. Stupidly I forgot to take a picture of the fantastic views available over the river Tay! The tower is privately owned in a public wood and was built as a folly, when I have no idea!

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Dunkeld is a fantastic part of the world to go trail ruuning and this route is one of so many that you can undertake around the area. The Atholl Estates website is a great place to start. I used to mtb around here a lot but now play there with my running. I ended up running down the downhill mtb track which was a challenge for the ankles and the quads but great fun with it. There is a great mix of land rover tracks and single track in the this area along with wooded and open moor environments. I parked at the Cally Car Park and ran around 12km the day I was here. You are not far from a number of lochs nearby that Ospreys use to breed at but being a summer visitor you will need to be here at the right time of year. I love this area and think it is hugely undervalued.

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Maspie Den & the Lomonds

Another run not too far away from me. I have been up the Lomond hills many times but had never been to or heard of Maspie Den.  If you haven’t been to this, then go. It is a fascinating insight to a time gone by and is not far from Falkland Palace. I started the run from Pillars of Hercules which takes you up to the middle of the den and the headed up to the Craigmead car park and then up towards the West Lomond. Again time was against me but I will be back to knock out the two Lomonds which is a about a 12km run.

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Capel Mounth

Glen Doll is at the head of Glen Clova and it is a place I need to spend more time running in. I did the Mayar / Dreish munro loop last September and had always meant to get round to doing the Capel Mounth. Time was short and the weather was against me a a bit so after 5oom of climbing over 2km I reached the plateau. A quick jog along that saw me getting quite close to a juvenile golden eagle. Thereafter I had to turn back and hot foot it back down to the van. I will return and complete this run all the way to Loch Muick.

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Hello and welcome.

This is an experiment for me in a number of ways. Firstly after around 30 years of cycling I am doing less and less of it and more and more running. Secondly this running lark is all a bit new to me but I am really enjoying it. Thirdly this is a new blog. I did have a cycling related one but have decided that my running, and I use the term loosely, needed its own new blog so the cycling one has been archived.

I do hope that you decide to join me on my running journey.

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